AD Web Development Ltd

Professional Website Development

Websites come in all shapes and sizes, with different designs and objectives. AD Web Development Ltd specialise in the creation of web code, from the building of the site and structure all the way up to complex JavaScript and PHP functionality. Wether its code to make your images appear just the way you want, or business code that is critical to your project, AD Web Development can help.

We pride ourselves on the way we work, as well as the code we produce. We believe that things should be done correctly - 'if something is worth doing, its worth doing right'.

HTML5 and CSS3

We create websites using the newest web technologies, including the use of HTML5 and CSS3 markup. This allows functionality and style like never before. We also use a popular PHP template engine for our markup.

Responsive CSS Layouts

We create websites that adapt to different screen sizes and devices. We're fully capable of creating desktop and mobile friendly websites, which is critical in todays world where so many people use a tablet / smartphone.


We write organised, well-commented, object-oriented PHP code. We are able to write PHP and SQL code to interact with databases, allowing us to create more complex and interactive sites.

JavaScript and AJAX

We specialise in both framework-less JS code, as well as using the MooTools framework. We write object-oriented JS aiding readability and expandability, and use AJAX calls to enhance the functionality and user experience of a site.

Multi-Browser Testing

We test our code on all of the major desktop browsers. We test in older versions of Internet Explorer depending on the clients needs (usually IE7 upwards, but we can do IE6 too), ensuring minimal / acceptable graceful degradation.

Version Controlled Code

Our code is kept safe in an off-site GIT repository. This means our code is backed up off-site, and that code development is recorded in checkpoints. This makes merging / restoring / updating / bug fixing code much more organised and efficient.