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Musicbox is my latest project. The main goal is to create a browser based audio application using the HTML5 web audio API, that has support for a variety of legacy and exotic music formats, such as various tracked module formats found on Amiga and Atari ST machines. Sound reproduction is of the highest importance, but also the application should where applicable give visual feedback (such as which row of the module is being played in real time, or a real-time level meter for each audio channel).

The site only currently works with webkit browsers, so Safari or Chrome only ATM. This website is highly experimental and not even remotely finished. With that said, please feel free to try it out. Protracker is the only supported format ATM and support is only around 60%, as there are many effects that this player does not understand yet). Click a link to load a file. Once you have loaded a file, a link that reads 'play file' will appear. Click this to start audio playback. You will need to refresh the page to stop the music and play another song (did I mention this is nowhere near finished?)

Site URL:

  • Uses cutting edge HTML5 web audio API code
  • Uses HTML5 file API to load and decode binary file data
  • Uses HTML web audio API to output buffered sound directly from the browser
  • Uses javascript to generate audio data for sound buffers - No streaming!
  • Modular, allowing new format support to be added easily
  • Webkit only - Work in progress!