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The textdebit system is an online debt management system that allows customers of the company who have debts (mortgages, credit cards etc.) created by Telrock. The website allows users to log in, change their account details, make one-off payments and see proposed payment schedules. As part of the development team, we were tasked with creating skins and looking after the HTML, CSS and JavaScript code used on the site. The backend is coded in Java by a skilled team of in-house Java developers. The site uses AJAX where possible to enhance the user experience, MooTools javascript library (including its transition and AJAX code) and works with IE7 upwards.

Site URL:

  • All skin code created following company guidelines from Ikano.
  • Uses MooTools JavaScript library
  • Uses AJAX if possible to send/receive data to/from the backend
  • CSS3 styling, using CSS3 PIE for legacy IE CSS3 support
  • Legacy browser support - IE7 upwards
  • Designed as a high-traffic system